At The Blossom Method, we strive to offer support and help for people coping with grief and loss, as well as the issues that can surround having difficulty starting a family. Whether you are dealing with issues related to infertility, complicated diagnoses, pregnancy loss, infant death, or anything else related to difficulty with pregnancy and fertility, our team is ready and here to help.

Therapeutic Services for Coping and Healing

We offer individual therapy, couples counseling, and parent-to-parent support groups, all of which are tailored to your individual needs and struggles. Additional services include peer support, educational seminars, and referrals to seasoned experts in the medical community.

Highly Trained, Compassionate Grief Counselors

At The Blossom Method, our team is comprised of licensed clinical social workers with experience dealing with the various facets of pregnancy and fertility issues.


With backgrounds in family therapy, as well as experience working with expectant parents and people are trying to become parents, Bridget Doyle, LCSW, and Aviva Cohen, LCSW, have developed this healing center.


Our goal has always been to provide a place where people can share their experiences, both good and bad, as part of the healing journey during times of grief and loss.


The Blossom Method is not only a center for moms and moms-to-be, but also encourages the entire family to cope with these issues and heal together in a comforting environment.

A Welcoming Environment and Support Team

At The Blossom Method, we focus on supporting families—working with people who are planning on becoming parents as well as helping people adjust to becoming parents, and offering support to those who are struggling to cope with grief while facing emotional and family hardships, such as:

  • infertility
  • pregnancy loss
  • complex medical diagnoses
  • high-risk pregnancies
  • preemies
  • NICU stays
  • postpartum
  • adoption
  • surrogacy
  • and much more

Offering therapy, support and counseling for grief and other issues at The Blossom Method is our way of helping those who are struggling with the process of starting a family. We are dedicated to providing safe space for people to share their struggles and pains, as well as share their experiences with others should they so desire.

Our People Help When You Need it Most

We offer grief support groups as well as one-on-one counseling—support that is tailored to your specific needs. Coping with loss and other struggles isn’t something you should have to do alone, and at The Blossom Method in Chicago, you won’t have to. Contact us today to schedule a time to talk, and begin your journey to healing.