Erin Kuhn-KruegerErin Kuhn-Krueger is a 5x miscarriage survivor (including a daughter at 16 weeks 6 days), and a 2x stillbirth survivor (twins at 20 weeks 5 days). After her 4th loss, Erin created the blog and resource portal, Will CarryOn, for those experiencing baby loss, and learning to live and survive life after loss. She writes from the heart, touching on oft-taboo subjects, showcasing the struggles, determination and hope that have kept her (and her husband) together, and moving forward.

A former patient of The Blossom Method, she believes the more people talk about baby loss, the less alone those walking a similar path will feel.

Erin received a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from Drake University where she studied advertising and marketing. She uses her personal experiences and marketing background to shape her advocacy work and community outreach in the adoption, loss and infertility arena.
Erin and her husband are parents of a son by way of domestic adoption, and most recently welcomed another
son after successfully carrying a pregnancy to term.