Individual Therapy

The individual therapy done at The Blossom Method is unique in that our technique includes many modes of therapeutic intervention, but emphasizes relational work. Our methodology is designed to highlight the relationship between the therapist and the client. A very personal and unique approach is used with each person. All individuals are left feeling supported, validated, understood, and accepted. The woman to woman experience is paramount in making women feel less alone and connected to someone who truly appreciates their situation and can lead them to a place where they will begin to heal and feel less pain. The Blossom Method now offers phone and Skype options for individual therapy. Call 312-854-0061 for more information.

Couples Counseling

The couples counseling at the Blossom Method focuses exclusively on issues related to trying to becoming parents, or the feelings that come with first time parenthood.  The stress associated with this can oftentimes be overwhelming and add stress to a relationship, or strengthen it.   The sessions are designed to process feelings such as rage, resentment, frustration, and heartbreak in a non- confrontational and sympathetic environment. The methodology employed is different and elevates the clients to a new level.

Parent to Parent Support Groups

Groups at The Blossom Method are for individuals experiencing specific issues related to loss, fertility, and Postpartum Depression. Participants are screened prior to attendance to ensure that individuals participate in groups that will resonate with them and will help them connect to others in almost identical situations. The need for connection, and feeling less alone in a given situation are what make these groups so powerful. Group members form friendships by connecting in an empathic and safe environment. These social connections are what make the experience that much easier to tolerate. Finding friendship and laughter during a difficult time is the main goal of the group.

Our support groups are currently for women only. Please call us at 312-854-0061 to register to attend. Upcoming Support Groups:

Pregnancy Loss Support Group meets first Wednesday of the month, 12-1:30, starting March 3, 2021.