At The Blossom Method, our goal is to provide a warm, welcoming and comfortable place in Chicago for people to come when they need support and counseling for issues related to difficult pregnancies, such as fertility issues. Infertility affects many more couples than you might think, so it’s important to always remember you’re not alone.

When Should You Seek Infertility Support?

Fertility issues, such as difficulty conceiving or the inability to reproduce, can make you feel depressed, frustrated, stressed, isolated and worse. If you’re having trouble conceiving and aren’t sure where to turn, it’s important that you and your partner keep communication open and honest. Talk about your feelings and expectations, and discuss how long you’ll continue trying.

Signs That You May Need Support Coping

If you are feeling overwhelmed or exhausted, or if you’re feeling depressed, anxious and so preoccupied with your infertility that you’re having trouble focusing on other aspects of your life, it may be time to seek counseling.  If you’re feeling hopeless, or experience any of these signs, you may benefit from counseling:

  • Persistent feelings of sadness, guilt, or worthlessness
  • Marital problems
  • Mood swings
  • Constant preoccupation with infertility
  • Social isolation
  • Anxiety
  • Changes in appetite, weight loss or gain
  • Altered sleep patterns or lack of sleep

Seek Counseling for Fertility Issues

Seeking help and support is not a shameful decision—it’s a strong, brave one. If you’re struggling, contact The Blossom Method, where you will find compassionate people who are trained to help you on your journey to healing.

How Can Counseling and Therapy Help?

Individual counseling and family therapy options can help people cope with issues that impact the entire family. At The Blossom Method, we offer not only individual and couples counseling for fertility issues, but also parent-to-parent and peer support groups to connect people who are on the same path for support and mentoring. When your journey includes an ongoing search for medical options, we offer referrals to physicians specializing in fertility complications. And for those coping with the emotional struggle or loss of hope, we are here for you.

Counseling Focused on Your Needs

Our team provides therapeutic counseling sessions tailored to the needs, whether you’re dealing with trying to become parents for the first time or you’ve had successful pregnancies before and are just now experiencing issues with infertility. Finding a helpful, supportive place to go when you need help with infertility can make a huge difference in your well-being and emotional/mental health, so if you need help, don’t feel shy talking to us.

Contact The Blossom Method

Contact us by phone at 312-854-0061 or email to schedule a private session, and meet with one of our fertility counselors in downtown Chicago, across from Northwestern Memorial Hospital.