Our client’s privacy is of the utmost importance to The Blossom Method; as such these true testimonials have not been altered and the names have been omitted.

I am so grateful that my OB referred me to The Blossom Method. I was 10 weeks postpartum, and thought I was losing my mind. I was at my wits end and out of patience. I was beginning to feel like a failure as a mother, wife, and friend. I was so embarrassed to admit that I was struggling, but am so lucky to have reached out to The Blossom Method. I quickly realized that I wasn’t alone, and that what I was experiencing was normal. Not only was I able to learn new ways to cope, but I found support in meeting other women experiencing the same struggles.


My wife and I have been struggling with fertility for years. When we were referred to The Blossom Method, we felt helpless, like the physician was giving up on us. But after a few sessions with Aviva and the peer support groups at the Blossom Method, we realized we weren’t alone – and our fertility journey wasn’t over. We connected with other couples that faced many of the same struggles we have, and were able to provide us with new resources and opportunities to explore.


I can’t thank you enough for hosting the event about hope and resiliency. Not only was the guest speaker great, but I was touched by the supportive audience and realized that although we all have our own different struggles, we are not alone. The Blossom Method is a wonderful center with great events for women and couples.


I never thought a social event [at The Blossom Method] could be so therapeutic. I was able to meet other couples that can actually identify with the pain and grief my husband and I have experienced. We now meet for coffee or dinner every couple of weeks. Thank you for the support and the new friendships!


I started seeing Aviva after experiencing a late pregnancy loss, followed by multiple failed IVF attempts.

Aviva met with me regularly, listened intently and provided me with the support and advice I needed to persevere through a very difficult time. Her knowledge and expertise in dealing with these issues, as well as her empathy, helped me become a stronger, more resilient person.


Bridget was an amazing resource for us as we prepared for the arrival of our little girl. She was able to alleviate a lot of the anxiety, as she guided us in our preparation as well as letting us know what to expect just after delivery. She was our supportive “lifeline” throughout the end of my pregnancy and even still so today. She provided my husband and I with the confidence we needed to care for our daughter. Once we were home and settling into life as a new family, everything hit me, and I was utterly overwhelmed. Bridget was right there to support me and help me through those first few weeks adjusting to our “new family.


Working with Aviva has been invaluable to us as we navigate through our losses and subsequent pregnancies. Her compassion and understanding, combined with hope and positivity has helped us through our darkest days. Aviva is realistic in her approach, providing gentle guidance, while at the same time helping us to carry on as individuals, and as a couple. She’s taught us how to advocate for ourselves, and showed us how being good to each other helps both of us be good to ourselves.


I met Aviva during one of the darkest periods in my life. She understood me, validated me, and helped me find hope again. The Blossom Method was my ray of sunshine during weeks and months of darkness. For the first time in a long time I felt connected and less alone.


Aviva never allows me to give up or stop believing in myself. She challenges me when I try to make excuses or run from reality. She has helped me to grow and evolve into the person that I am. She has taught me how to face my pain, which propelled me forward instead of backwards.


Being pregnant for the first time was scary for me. I did not have a close relationship with my own family and worried that based on my own difficult past that I would not know how to be a mother to my new baby. Aviva gave me the courage and confidence to believe in myself and my abilities. She encouraged me to look at painful memories and see how they enhanced me and gave me a unique perspective on life. I am so grateful to have Aviva in my life.


When we decided to pursue adoption, we knew it was going to be an emotional roller coaster. Thankfully, Bridget helped us along the way -from the anxiety of waiting to “get the call” to bonding with our son, and building a healthy relationship with his birth mom. We are so appreciative of her support and guidance through this journey!


After a long course in the NICU, I was terrified of bringing my former 26 week baby home. We had spent nearly 3 months in the hospital with constant attention and support from the medical staff. How was I going to manage on my own? Bridget gave me the courage and the confidence that I needed to manage at home. She really encouraged my own self-care as well as that of my daughter. I can’t thank her enough for the guidance into my “new normal.”


My son was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 prenatally. I was in complete denial, but knew that I had to embrace it before my son was born. My husband and I were referred to Bridget during the last few weeks of my pregnancy. We are so lucky to have found her! She has been so resourceful and linked us with a community of other families to support us as well. We are so grateful!